The Library’s March Madness Author Championship was WILD!  Thank you for casting your votes along the way to help us decide CSCC’s favorite author!

You love your classics!  The final battle came down to a classic American coming of age author, Harper Lee, and a classic British magical fantasy author, CS Lewis.  Interestingly, Harper Lee’s Atticus Finch was just barely beat out last year in the library’s MM Character championship…

The fight was tough.  The margin was thin.

But Harper Lee came out on top, by just FIVE VOTES!!!

That’s right, folks – HARPER LEE, of To Kill a Mockingbird fame, is your CSCC Library March Madness Author Champion!  **Cue wild applause!!!**

But all of you who voted are surely wondering who ends up as the REAL winner? Which lucky voter was randomly chosen to go home with the grand prize and fame?   It’s SHADIA SUAREZ!!!  **Cue MORE wild applause!!!**

Thank you all for casting your votes and playing along!


PREPARE FOR BATTLE!  It’s time for the final championship match-up in the Library March Madness Author Tournament.  Last week 97 votes determined your favorite authors in landslide victories.

•Magical fantasy’s CS Lewis carried the day, beating out dystopian George Orwell by a greater than 3:1 margin!

•And in an only slightly closer match, classic coming of age author Harper Lee knocked romantic Nicholas Sparks out of the running.

So, who will be crowned the CSCC Author Champion? Only you can decide! CS Lewis, the imaginative, quotable genius who brought us Narnia and so many other works?  Or Harper Lee, the author of what’s considered one of the greatest American Novels – To Kill a Mockingbird? Vote for your favorite now!

•Round 1 – Sweet Sixteen: Feb 29 – March 14

•Round 2 – Elite Eight: March 15 – March 20

•Round 3 – Final Four: March 21 – March 27

•Round 4 – Championship Game:  VOTE NOW through April 3

•April 4 – CSCC Library Author Champion announced and prize drawing held!

Remember, when you vote your name is entered into the prize drawing that will be held next week. See the updated bracket here:


The Final4!

As the NCAA Basketball tournaments are starting to heat up heading into the Sweet16 and Elite8 match-ups this week, we’re already down to the Final4 in our Library March Madness Author Championship!

Last week’s margins were RAZOR THIN, with two of our four match-ups being decided by JUST ONE VOTE!!! Every vote counts in the race to the Championship!

•Your fantasy champ, by JUST ONE VOTE, is the magical CS Lewis. Epic JRR Tolkien is well-loved, but in a race this close his hobbits came in just a little too short!

•Decided by a margin of just five votes, George Orwell edged out Stephen King in the What If? category.

•In the most decisive of last week’s battles, Harper Lee beat out Roald Dahl with a 13-point victory in the Youth category.

•Finally, in our other 1-point victory Romance barely conquered Poetry, as Nicholas Sparks edged out Maya Angelou.

These battles are wild, so keep voting for your favorites to see who makes it to the Championship Round! Remember, each week as you vote your name is entered into our prize drawing. You can VOTE ONLINE or you can submit a paper ballot at the library. The schedule is below, so make sure you keep playing throughout the month.

Round 1 – Sweet Sixteen: Feb 29 – March 14
Round 2 – Elite Eight:March 15 – March 20
Round 3 – Final Four: VOTE NOW through March 27
Round 4 – Championship Game: Vote March 28 – April 3
April 4 – CSCC Library Book Character Champion announced and prize drawing held!
The updated bracket is below:


Elite 8!

The votes have been counted!  You have narrowed down our Sweet16 to a trim Elite8 authors.  We had 91 votes – let’s see if we can top that as the weeks go on!

Here’s the run-down of votes for all 8 of our Sweet match-ups:

      • You love your hobbitses! JRR Tolkien tromped George RR Martin in the Epic Fantasy battle by 54 votes – the largest margin of any of the match-ups
      • CS Lewis came out ahead of Lewis Carroll in the Magical Fantasy competition, 66-23
      • The Imagination of Stephen King beat out that of Neil Gaiman by 43 votes.
      • Your Dystopia match-up favored Big Brother as George Orwell beat out Margaret Atwood, 55-26.
      • The most narrowly decided victory went to Roald Dahl over Judy Blume, taking the Children’s category by just 13 votes.
      • Classic author Harper Lee carries your Coming of Age affection. She beat out relative newbie John Green by 49 votes.
      • Your poetic souls favor Maya Angelou over Dylan Thomas, 66-18.
      • And those romantics out there are in love with Nicholas Sparks, voting him up over James Patterson by 36 votes.

How did your favorites do? Every vote counts, so keep be sure to keep supporting your authors! Remember, your name is entered into our prize drawing every week. You can VOTE ONLINE or you can submit a paper ballot at the library. The schedule is below, so make sure you keep playing throughout the month.

      • Round 1 – Sweet Sixteen:  March 1 – March 13
      • Round 2 – Elite Eight:
      VOTE NOW
      through March 20
      • Round 3 – Final Four: Vote March 21 – 27
      • Round 4 – Championship Game:  Vote March 28 – April 3
      • April 4 – CSCC Library Book Author Champion announced and prize drawing held!

Check out the updated bracket:



Feeling lucky? It’s March Madness time and we’ve got a championship bracket waiting for you to help your favorite wordsmiths battle it out. And by voting up your favorites, you’ll be entered into a drawing for fabulous PRIZES & FAME!

Last year this tournament of literary fun crowned Hermione Granger (from the Harry Potter series) the queen of characters. Over the next month, you can vote on famous author match-ups online or in the library. Vote for your favorites and each week you’ll be entered into a grand prize drawing! The winner will be selected at the end of the tournament.

• Round 1 – Sweet Sixteen: VOTE NOW through March 13
• Round 2 – Elite Eight: Vote March 14-20
• Round 3 – Final Four: Vote March 21-27
• Round 4 – Championship Game: Vote March 28 -April 3
• April 4 – CSCC Library Author Champion announced and prize drawing held!

For each vote you submit, your name is entered into our prize drawing. You can VOTE ONLINE or you can submit a ballot at the library.

So, which authors will be battling it out in the Sweet 16? Our library staff recommended some of their favorite authors and narrowed the list down to sixteen.

• Epic Fantasy Favorites: JRR Tolkien vs. George RR Martin
• Magical Fantasy Favorites: Lewis Carroll vs. CS Lewis
• Imagination Favorites: Stephen King vs. Neil Gaiman
• Dystopia Favorites: George Orwell vs. Margaret Atwood
• Children’s Favorites: Judy Blume vs. Roald Dahl
• Coming of Age Favorites: Harper Lee vs. John Green
• Modern Poets Favorites: Maya Angelou vs. Dylan Thomas
• Romance Favorites: Nicholas Sparks vs. James Patterson

Don’t forget to VOTE for your favorites! Check out our bracket below:



Enclave is book 1 of the Razorland Trilogy and it is a post-apocalyptic science fiction work primarily written for teens. The story begins under New York City with a group of desperate, hungry children guarded by teens from humanoid monsters called freaks. Freaks are terrible creatures that are a constant threat to those living in the Enclave–attacking without mercy and eating their victims, dead or alive. Living conditions are pitiful and merciless and since there is no natural light below ground, human hunters rely on their sense of smell to discover and destroy the mutant freaks. Danger and death are constant companions to all who live underground. But the college enclave has something others don’t have–a source of natural protein and two of the best hunters anywhere: Fade and Deuce.

The main character is Deuce, a newly minted huntress who is fifteen years old. She has always wanted to protect others from the freaks and supply her enclave with fresh meat. Deuce has never known her parents;in fact, parents are an unknown thing in the underworld. But she has friends and a new hunting partner named Fade who is an outcast from topside. Fade is tall, dark and deadly and by far the best fighter in the enclave. Fade and Deuce make a good team but they discover that their enclave isn’t what they imagined it to be. There are dark secrets and deadly consequences to life in the college enclave but as long as they have each other, they may live and have a future.

The story moves along at a smooth, even pace and you will encounter all the primary characters and discover new ones along the way. As you might imagine, there is a love story here. But i still found It easy to connect with Deuce because of her desire to kill mutants and feed the young and helpless. Of course, i loved to “see” Fade work too because he is so darn lethal. But this story is Deuce’s and you will see it unfold through her eyes and witness the hardships and victories with her. So follow Deuce and Fade through darkness and dangers and stay with them until the end!

Midwinter Blood

Do you occasionally enjoy reading a story that carries you outside your comfort zone? Do you like an occasional love story…one with unexpected twists and turns? Well, you may have discovered your next book!  Sometimes a mysterious island and adventure are just what i need in a book, do you feel the same way?  Midwinter blood is an unusual love story and yes, it begins on a mysterious island. Time itself is more of a spectator than a taskmaster on this island. The moon and time seem to watch the odd play being lived out in the lives of Eric and Merle. One of the things i love about this book is that each story line could be developed into another work but all stories together blend into one unforgettable tale of danger and commitment.

Each of the the seven stories in Midwinter Blood takes place under a different moon and each story carries you deeper into the past and reveals more about the main characters. The story ends (or does it begin?) centuries ago with a desperate people willingly to do anything to change their fortunes and save their lives.

MidWinter Blood

As you travel farther back in time with Eric and Merle, you will discover more about them. You will meet sailors and vikings… even something otherworldly! You will have to decide if Eric and Merls unique relationship is a match made in Heaven or somewhere else. This book may please some and offend others but it is an unforgettable story. So take a long journey with Eric and Merle to a special island and across time itself…the moon will guide you. Let your imagination run free. “Watch” and “listen” as Eric and Merle find,lose,and rediscover each other. Unravel the mystery of their special bond–a bond witnessed by the moon and signed in blood. Trust in fate and witness a relationship that time and destiny cannot destroy.

Finally, while romance stories aren’t my preferred genre (and my comfort zone was expanded to the point of leaving spiritual stretch marks), this book was a page turner. The author, Marcus Sedgwick has written numerous other books but for this one he has taken on the task of masterly weaving seven story lines into a page turning book that is nearly impossible to stop reading. If you read this book at bedtime, you may lose hours of needed sleep! I hope you enjoy this book as much as i did.

Review by Slade