The Real Winner!


The real winner of the 2018 Library March Madness Championship is Michele Wollert!  She’ll be enjoying a few great books – don’t forget to congratulate her on pulling out a great (albeit random!) Championship VICTORY!


The ballots are in, folks, and we have ourselves a winner!

To Kill a Mockingbird 

is your favorite book in the 2018 Library March Madness championship.  A 60/40 split led Atticus and Scout to victory over Gandalf and Frodo.

Those of you who have followed March Madness for several years may not be surprised…this is the THIRD TIME the book has made it to the final championship.  In 2015, Atticus was just edged out in our Favorite Book Character battle, and in 2016, Harper Lee won as your favorite Author. Looks like it’s time to retire this title and give some other books a chance – congratulations, TKAM – you’re among the ranks of Harry Potter and Hunger Games!

But you’re all surely wondering who the REAL winner is…who is the recipient of the incredible prizes and fame that we bestow upon one lucky voter each year?  The suspense continues – stay tuned for an announcement later this week!

This is IT, folks, the LAST WEEK of the 2018 Library March Madness Championship.  We had two intense battles last week and are down to just TWO BOOKS for you to back in this week’s voting.

To Kill a Mockingbird beat The Book Thief with an 80/20 victory.  Both great books, but only one can claim the victory!

In a much closer battle, Lord of the Rings beat out Animal farm by JUST TWO VOTES!

So it will be To Kill a Mockingbird and Lord of the Rings facing each other in the most epic match-up of 2018 – Scout or Frodo? Atticus or Gandalf???  HOW CAN YOU DECIDE?!?

VOTE NOW – it’s your FINAL CHANCE to enter to win prizes and fame in the 2018 Library March Madness CHAMPIONSHIP!


It’s already down to your favorite four books in our Library March Madness Championship!

The match-ups last week were wild, from landslides to too-close-to-call.  Get ready for your final four books to battle it out this week – submit your votes here! 

  • In last week’s first match-up, it was almost too close to call!  An at-the-buzzer vote pulled out a win for The Book Thief, leaving Pride & Prejudice in its dust.
  • In a landslide victory, To Kill a Mockingbird TROUNCED The Giving Tree.
  • A 60/40 split put the fantasy classic, Lord of the Rings, on top of sci-fi Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.
  • And in another landslide, Animal Farm beat out The Road.

So we’re gearing up for the final showdown – just one more round of eliminations before some lucky voter(s?!) will walk away with prizes and fame – head out to VOTE NOW, and make sure you secure your chances to win!!


The votes have been counted!  You have narrowed down our Sweet16 to a trim Elite8 books.    

Here’s the run-down of votes for all 8 of our sweet match-ups.  

  • 70.4% of voters preferred The Book Thief to Water for Elephants
  • In a LANDSLIDE, Pride & Prejudice beat out Jane Eyre.  The Book Thief and P&P will go head to head this week!
  • To Kill a Mockingbird soared over Catcher in the Rye, and will go up against
  • The Giving Tree, which pummelled Where the Wild Things Are at a rate of nearly 3:1.   
  • Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy barely beat out Ender’s Game. This week it faces
  • Lord of the Rings, which almost completely shut out Dune.  
  • Animal Farm squeaked out a 3 vote victory over Brave New World, and
  • Finally, with a ONE VOTE, TIE BREAKING MARGIN, The Road overtook Shogun.

How did your favorites do? Every vote counts, so keep be sure to keep supporting your favorite books! Remember, your name is entered into our prize drawing every week. You can VOTE ONLINE or you can submit a paper ballot at the library. The schedule is below, so make sure you keep playing throughout the month.

  • Round 1 – Sweet Sixteen:  March 1 – March 11
  • Round 2 – Elite Eight: VOTE NOW through March 18
  • Round 3 – Final Four: Vote March 19-25
  • Round 4 – Championship Game:  Vote March 26 – April 1
  • April 2 – CSCC Library Book Champion announced and prize drawing held!

Check out the updated bracket:



Feeling lucky?  It’s March Madness time and we’ve got a championship bracket waiting for you to help your favorite books battle it out.  And by voting for your favorites, you’ll be entered into a drawing for fabulous PRIZES & FAME!  

Last year this tournament of literary fun crowned Gone With the Wind as the favorite book-before-it-was-a-movie.  Over the next month, you can vote for your favorite books online or in the library. Each week your vote will get you an entry into our grand prize drawing!  The winner will be selected at the end of the tournament.

  • Round 1 – Sweet Sixteen: VOTE NOW  through March 11
  • Round 2 – Elite Eight: Vote March 12-18
  • Round 3 – Final Four: Vote March 19-25
  • Round 4 – Championship Game:  Vote March 26-31
  • April 2 – NEW CSCC Library Book Champion announced and prize drawing held!

Your name is entered into our prize drawing for each week that you vote. You can VOTE ONLINE or you can submit a ballot at the library.

So, which books will be battling it out in the Sweet 16?

(Before you ask, NO – Harry Potter, Hunger Games, etc. are not included because they’ve won our March Madness competitions by landslides in the past and we want to give some other books a chance!!)

  • The Book Thief vs. Water for Elephants
  • Pride & Prejudice vs. Jane Eyre
  • To Kill a Mockingbird vs. The Catcher in the Rye
  • The Giving Tree vs. Where the Wild Things Are
  • Ender’s Game vs. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
  • Lord of the Rings vs. Dune
  • Brave New World vs. Animal Farm

Don’t forget to VOTE for your favorites! Watch the bracket weekly!!

Coming Soon!!

Coming March 1st…


This year the CSCC community will vote through four intense rounds of elimination before crowning their FAVORITE BOOK!  Visit  this blog each week to vote and be entered in the final drawing for PRIZES AND FAME!!